Apr 8, 2014

:: coffee :: at words to shoot by

the first digital photos i take since christmas... so you know where i'm at ! i did enjoy it though. it gave me a good excuse to go downtown on a sunday morning. people in vannes are really cool on sunday morning, even more than in the afternoon. i've always wondered why... hum... maybe it has to do with taking their time to fully enjoy their croissant and coffee ?
cheers !

Jun 4, 2013

:: moment ::  at  words to shoot by

or how i became a blogger again... so thankful for this invitation

Sep 26, 2012

rainy days

feeling quiet. knitting winter wear. crocheting for a friend. fighting some greedy real estate business that want to ruin our place & life. saving seeds for next year. making dry arrangements to enjoy indoors. baking some pears & chocolate... the rain came. a lot of rain. it's definitely Fall now. what's going on at your place ? any autumn projects ? baking ? picking apples ?

:: pretty card on the first photo by my white room ::

ps : i have disabled for now the letter/digit security code in the comments. i think it's getting nervewracking (blogger if you hear me) sometimes i can't even read them and it takes 2 or 3 attempts...